Penis facts and perhaps fiction…


Chronicles of Illusions

1. Human penises USED to have spines. No one is sure why they disappeared, but it was before modern humans and Neanderthals split to go their own ways. Cats and rats [among a few] still have penile spines, though once castrated these apparently seem to disappear in some cases. Interesting.

2. According to urban legend if you plan to swim in South America, particularly in the Amazon…watch out guys. The Candiru, a small, scaleless, eel like catfish loves to swim up the urethra. Once there it uses its spines to keep itself firmly in place so it can access the blood supply. Possible side effects of this happening include inflammation, bleeding and the big one…death. Is it true?? Hard to find any real evidence but if you are there, and want to pee, maybe do it inside…just in case.

3. Diphallus is a rare congenital anomaly where the penis [or…

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