Yum-Eh: Watch A Supercut of the Most Awkward Meals in Film History



Just in time for a holiday meal with your family, Slacktory has released a supercut of the most awkward meals in cinematic history, including uncomfortable dinner scenes from everything from Annie Hall to Step Brothers to Eraserhead.

Is your family supper any more uncomfortable than the one from Lars and the Real Girl where Ryan Gosling’s character forces his family to eat with his life-sized plastic doll girlfriend? What about in Rushmore when love rivals Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and Luke Wilson stare awkwardly at each for what feels like an eternity? Is anyone at the supper table carving their mashed potatoes into an alien landing sight like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind? If not, then you are doing better than most of the people in this timely supercut.

Here’s hoping your holiday meals are much less awkward.

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